This Airline Will Pay For Your Passport If You Book A Flight To Australia

Australia is the perfect winter break vacation spot because the dead of winter in America is actually the middle of the summer in Australia. The only problem is that getting to the country down under is not an easy treck. It typically takes two expensive flights and lots of jet lag to reach the country.

Qantas Airways knows that the airfare can be extensive and expensive, so they are trying to help out customers. If you book a flight from America to Australia through Qantas they will pay for your passport aka it’s a FREE PASSPORT!



According to Lonely Planet, less than half of American’s don’t have a valid passport. Passports could become necessary in some states for national flights, so you might as well get a free one. Passports cost around $135 total. The application fee is $110 and the execution fee is $25. Qantas will take off $135 from any flight booked to cover the coast a new passport. Even if you have a passport they will take $135 off your flight! What a sweet deal.

Typically airfare to Australia is expensive so any way to help save is huge. To get in on the passport deal all you have to do it go to this link here and then enter the promo code “PASSPORT” it’s that easy.

So start planning your Australia vacation and your future Instagram’s, because nothing is better than posting beach selfies while everyone back home is enduring the cold.

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