Jane Villanueva’s Romance Novel From ‘Jane The Virgin’ Is Coming To Life

Ever since the first episode of Jane the Virgin, Jane Villanueva has dreamed of being a published author. Fans of the series have followed her professional career arc, from telling Raphael her secret dream over a grilled cheese (1/3 white cheddar 1/3 yellow cheddar 1/3 grated American cheese) to fighting her way through grad school with a newborn baby to overcoming great personal tragedy and letting it all spill out on paper.

When Jane finally secures a publishing deal, we feel her sense of accomplishment and joy right along with her, recalling the late nights she wrote papers from bathroom stalls and insufferable jobs she took to get there.

As viewers, we hear bits of Jane’s writing in more episodes than not, so it’s not surprising we’ve become invested in her novel. It’s become a common conversation around the show: what would Jane’s novel be like to read? Is she actually a good writer? Would you buy her book?

Thankfully, now we have the opportunity to find out. Jane’s first novel, Snow Falling, will be published as a real, physical book by Adams Media (an imprint of Simon & Schuster) this November. As the show suggests, the book will be a romance novel set in Miami in 1902, loosely based on Jane and Michael’s epic (and ill-fated) love story. The novel will even be attributed to fictitious local publisher Lorden + Gregor.

In the show, Jane writes the novel to give Michael and her the happy ending they never had the opportunity to live out together. With a physical book, we will all be able to read what their life could have been like together.


*narrator voice* I know! Just like a telenovela!

‚ÄúPrepare to get swept up in an epic love story,” Jennie Snyder Urman, the show’s creator, told Entertainment Weekly. We can’t wait.

The book is coming Nov. 14, 2017.

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