Miss Peru Pageant Contestants Gave Statistics About Women’s Rights Instead Of Their Body Measurements









Miss Peru beauty pageant didn’t follow the normal structure it usually does and it wasn’t a funny Steve Harvey moment when he accidentally crowned the wrong Miss Universe contestant.

Steve Harvey

Each contestant was supposed to tell the judges and audience their name, what region they are representing and their measurements.

But instead of saying how small their waists were and how big the busts were, contestants gave the judges shocking statistics about gender violence in Peru.

According to Buzzfeed, women are being killed at an alarming rate in the country so the contestants used their platform to discuss the amount of femicide in Peru. The moment was very powerful.

Romina Lozano, who won Miss Peru 2018 said, “I represent the constitutional province of Calloamy and my measurements are: 3,114 women victims of trafficking up until 2014.”


The contestants and the producers collaborated on this effort. The organizers showed newspaper clippings of relative cases of women violence during the bathing suit portion of the pageant. Contestants were also asked how they would change laws in Peru to combat femicide.

Right now a movement called #NiUnaMenos, or Not One Less is sweeping Latin America. It’s a movement to bring awareness about the high rate of gender violence in the region.

A lot of critics are saying the pageant contestants talking about women violence while also subjecting themselves to a contestant that is objectifying women is hypocritical. But, by the contestants using a platform that is meant to be objectifying and flipping it to be educational and empowering is super badass. Well done ladies!

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