Woman Reacts To Catcalling By Attacking Man With Her Breasts

Footage showing a woman shoving her breasts into the face of a catcaller has resurfaced on social media. The video, which was shot in São Paulo, Brazil, is of a saleswoman pushing her catcaller to the ground and confronting him for ogling her breasts. She proclaims that she is fed up of being continuously harassed while trying to do her job of handing out flyers to bypassers.

After the man fails to admit any wrongdoing, the woman then takes off her top and shoves her breasts into his face while shouting,”I’m fed up being treated like a sex object. Is it boobs you want?”

The incident was actually executed by Brazilian theater group Confluencias and was meant to draw attention to street harassment that women continuously face.

The piece received mixed reactions from onlookers and on social media. Many people applauded the woman for sticking up for herself and attempting to destigmatize breasts, whereas others slammed the woman for being crude and exposing herself in front of children.

The reactions of the audience just exemplify how inadequately we address street harassment as a society as well as how problematic it is that women’s breasts remain so heavily stigmatized. As opposed to calling attention to the inappropriate actions of the catcaller, the woman herself was berated for “offending” children with her breasts. The issue lies with street harassment and catcalling, not the woman for taking action to defend and stand up for herself.

The piece, which was actually shot last year, is now especially relevant in light of the Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey allegations.

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