Your iPhone Recgonizes When You Take A Selfie With Cleavage

Apple’s iOS facial recognition technology does more than just recognize your face. Apparently, the software is also equipped to recognize cleavage and boobs.

If you search for “Brassiere” in your photos on your iPhone a collection of your photos that show boobs will pop up.

Seriously it is no joke.

There are some creepy comments towards the girls who are posting their “brassiere” photos. But most of the comments are funny and supportive. Girls are hyping each other selfies up and sharing where they buy their lingerie.

The recognition isn’t just for the selfies you take but all photos on your phone, even memes. When people searched for brassiere the results were hilarious.

Even Chrissy Teigen tested out the brassiere search feature.

With this knowledge, people have been searching other terms to see what other objects iOS recognizes.

The technology is definitely invasive, but also helpful when finding a hot selfie. I’m conflicted, but you have been warned.

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