This Theory That ‘Stranger Things’ & ‘It’ Take Place In The Same Universe Will Give You Nightmares

Just in case we weren’t already disturbed by the influx of It clowns stalking the streets this past Halloween or the unsettling events that occurred in the latest season of Stranger Things, Twitter users have come up with yet another conspiracy theory joining our two worst nightmares together.

Spoiler: it’s pretty terrifying.

Twitter user UpsideDownFacts believes that Joyce’s boyfriend Bob is in fact a survivor of one of Pennywise’s killing sprees in the ’50s and that both It and Stranger Things actually take place in the same universe.

Bob’s parents are from Maine, and he was haunted by an evil clown when he was a kid which would’ve been in the late 50’s #StrangerThings

— Stranger Facts (@UpsideDownFacts) October 29, 2017

Maine also just so happens to be the setting for It.

Coincidence? Nope. They then go on to point out that Finn says the same exact line in both It and Stranger Things.

Finn Wolfhard says the same line in both #StrangerThings and the movie IT

— Stranger Facts (@UpsideDownFacts) October 29, 2017

THINGS GET EVEN STRANGER. Another fan points out that Bob was able to finally escape the clown when he stopped being afraid, just like the kids in It who could only put an end to Pennywise by conquering their fears.

He also found victory over the clown when he stopped showing fear. #Parallels

— Hunter Radesi (@hradesi14) October 30, 2017

At one point, Bob even imitates the clown and it sounds VERY similar to how Pennywise sounds.

And when he imitates the clown saying, “hey kid you want a balloon?” it is very close to how Pennywise sounds

— Christmas Carol-ine 🎄 (@caro_pace) November 1, 2017

Yet another user said that Stephen King could in fact be behind the entire concept of Stranger Things.

Is this just a conspiracy theory? Or are we all being collectively trolled by Stephen King?

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