Jennifer Lawrence Interviewed Kim Kardashian & It Was Hilarious

Jennifer Lawrence can add another career achievement to her already long resume. She’s now a late night television host. Well, a fill-in late night television host. The Academy Award-winning actress got to host the Thursday, November 2 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where she interviewed her idol Kim Kardashian West, who was there to promote her beauty line and fragrance launch.

Lawrence has been vocal about her love of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and dubs herself an “obsessed” fan. However, she didn’t let her fangirl-status get in the way as she interviewed Kardashian-West about a handful of random topics including Kanye, her kids, farting and virginity.

Let’s look at some of the best moments from the star-studded interview.

1. Kris Jenner & Jennifer Lawrence threw a drunken dinner party.

It wouldn’t be an interview with Kim Kardashian West without a brief mention of her super momager Kris Jenner. Shortly into their interview, Lawrence and Kardashian West revealed that Jenner and Lawrence not only know each other, but they’re actually friends. The two laughed over a brief video of Lawrence and Jenner dancing drunkenly at a private dinner party at Jenner’s Calabasas home.

Kardashian-West even told Lawrence that she couldn’t believe just how drunk her 61-year-old mom get with the Oscar winner. Looks like Kris can hang with the best of them.

2. Kim and Jen once played dress-up IRL.

The fun didn’t stop with dinner, however, Kim and Jennifer also recalled a particularly interesting game of dress-up. “I remember getting naked in your mom’s closet [during a dinner at her house] and ordering you to dress me. Did you call Kanye to come up in the closet? Did you want him to style me?” Lawrence asked Kardashian-West.

The TV personality, businesswoman and mother answered Lawrence’s question, recounting the wild memory. After getting wildly drunk and making her way to Kris Jenner’s closet, the actress asked Kim to dress her up in Jenner’s clothes. The two recalled Lawrence asking for Kardashian-West’s husband, rapper Kanye West, to help with the festivities.

“No, you said, ‘I’m not joking. I really want Kanye to style me.’ So, I said ‘OK,’” Kardashian-West said.

However, when Kardashian-West returned to tell Lawrence that Kanye was coming she was “fully butt naked” in the closet. How’s that for a crazy memory?

3. Does Kim K. fart?

One of the interview’s most hilarious moments came when Lawrence asked Kardashian-West about how her husband reacts to her farts.

“Do you and Kanye fart in front of each other?” Lawrence asked. “Do you talk about farts? Like do you fart in front of him?”

Kim didn’t let the slightly TMI question make her uncomfortable, however. She joked with Lawrence simply saying, “I don’t fart. What are you talking about?”

4. JLaw made Kim K. some funky fan art.

Lawerence proved just how Kardashian-obsessed she is when she presented Kim with some hilarious and original fan art. After asking why she’d never been including in the Kardashian-Jenner Christmas cards, she gave Kardashian-West a photo of herself and family with Lawrence’s face drawn in.

The rest of the almost 19-minute interview including questions about O.J. Simpson, Blac Chyna and even a shady mention of Kardashian-West’s ex Kris Humphries. One thing is for sure, Jennifer Lawrence has totally been keeping up with the Kardashians.

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