This Animal Shelter Is Sorting Dogs Into Hogwarts Houses To Help Them Find Forever Homes

Most Harry Potter fans know their Hogwarts house as well as their own name, and more than a few have likely entertained the notion that their cat is a Slytherin (most cats are: don’t @ me).

Now, one pet shelter in Orlando, Florida is doing this careful consideration for you, sorting its animals into Hogwarts houses to identify their personality traits for prospective adopters.

“We felt strongly that the way children were sorted in the novels upon entering Hogwarts would be the perfect complement to our canine friends,” Stephen Bardy, executive of Pet Alliance Orlando told Cosmopolitan.

“We want people to start choosing companion dogs based on their lifestyles. Do they run marathons or binge watch Netflix? Is theirs a quiet home or a bustling one? And what do they see themselves DOING with their new dog? From there we can find them their match.”

Bardy explains that the idea came from “breed discrimination,” or owners giving up their dogs because of the way they look. Sorting the animals into houses encourages adopters to look at their personalities, not just their appearance.

The four houses are the same as the books — almost. The dog versions are appropriately dubbed Gryffindog, Hufflefluff, Ravenpaw and Slobberin. Here is the breakdown for each house (it ought to look familiar).

Gryffindog: Brave, courageous, daring, nervous and chivalrous.
Hufflefluff: Hardworking, dedicated, patient, loyal, justice and fair.
Ravenpaw: Intelligent, creative, knowledgeable and witty.
Slobberin: Ambitious, cunning, a leader and resourceful.

As for Slobberins, animal behavior manager at the shelter maintains they are still very good puppers.

“Anyone familiar with the story of the Harry Potter books knows that Slytherin House gets a bad rap in the first few books, but in the end, one of the bravest characters who plays an integral part in bringing down the Dark Lord, is the head of Slytherin House,”┬áDiane Anderson enthused.

“Harry Potter himself tells his own son as he sends him off to be sorted that he would be proud if he was sorted into Slytherin house. ”

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