This Sparkly Cappuccino Combines Your Love Of Glitter & Your Caffeine Addiction


On Monday mornings, diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend. Caffeine is usually just about the closest companion anyone could ask for before noon on a workday, fulfilling the role of an energy boost and motivator, as well as giving coffee-drinkers a warm, cozy taste of home.

That all being said, diamonds aren’t half bad either.

Well now your two best friends can meet each other thanks to Coffe By Di Bella, a coffee shop in Mumbai, India.

Coffee By Di Bella’s Diamond Cappuccino is making a sparkly splash on Instagram by pairing the perfect, sip-worthy pick-me-up and the sparkly aesthetic of sequins and glitter.

The drink uses edible glitter and coffee art to wow drinkers and followers alike.

“Whoa, this looks so beautiful and amazing,” one impressed Insta-user wrote.

“I am this level of extra,” another replied.

It’s not exactly accessible for everyone, but luckily, you can figure out your own simple recipe for sparkly coffee at home. The more muted coffee lovers can sprinkle some edible glitter into their brew, but the daring drinkers can try making a Unicorn Hot Chocolate with this recipe.

Either way, looks like you’ve got TWO new besties: diamonds and caffeine. What else could make Monday mornings better?

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