How To Fix Your iPhone If It Won’t Let You Type The Letter ‘I’

Apple’s new iOS 11.1 software update had a major glitch that is affecting a ton of iPhone users.

People on their iPhone’s and iPad’s are unable to type the letter ‘I’ thanks to the glitch. What shows up instead is the letter ‘A’ and a icon of a question mark inside of a square. Apple has yet to put out another update that would fix this glitch so people are looking for tricks on how to overcome the inconvenient bug.

The glitch isn’t on every iPhone but a lot of users have been affected by the bug. Apple hasn’t issued out a new update to fix the bug, but they did offer a temporary solution for users. You have to change the auto-correct, or predictive text for ‘I’.

Open up Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. Then tap on the plus symbol to add a text replacement. In the Phrase section put in ‘I’ and for the Shortcut type a ‘i’, then you should be all set!

The bug is super annoying and it’s strange that Apple has no idea why it only happened to certain phones when updated. But at least you can work around the bug and start using your phone again.

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