Man Adorably Interrupts Showing Of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ To Propose

A trip to the movie theater might be your go-to date night spot, but how about for your engagement?

Craig Tampin not only took his girlfriend Danielle Shaw to see the long-anticipated Thor: Ragnarok, he also took over the silver screen to pass on a very important message. Before watching the penultimate battle for Asgard, Tampin asked if Shaw would marry him.

Spoiler alert: she said yes.

Tampin pre-recorded his proposal and handed it over to the Odeon Cinema staff, who played the video just before the movie. Like any gentleman, he apologized to the audience for interrupting the screening before addressing his pregnant girlfriend.

“Danielle, we have been together for three years now. It absolutely flew over,” Tampin began. “I never thought in a million years we would be here today. I have got a little message to pass on. It’s in Welsh, but I have got another alternative because I know you don’t speak it.”

Tampin held up a piece of paper that read: “BYDDWCH YN PRIODI I MI” before sheepishly admitting that his Welsh was “rubbish.” You said it better than I could have, that’s for sure. For those in the audience that didn’t understand, Tampin had a translation at the ready. To make it even cuter, the words were printed on a small baby onesie that read: “Mummy, will you marry Daddy?”

“I had planned it for around eight to nine months,” Tampin told Mashable. “It wasn’t difficult as I had all the help I needed from the employees at Odeon Cinemas, who were amazing.”

I’m sure the happy couple could hardly sit still in their seats once the movie resumed playing, but the audience was kind about it.¬†Mashable reached out and asked if their wedding would be Thor or Marvel-themed, however they admitted they weren’t sure yet. The two are planning on moving into a new home once their baby is born.

You can watch the adorable proposal here:

“I think people will be expecting something special for the wedding, but I’m not so sure, we may keep it simple, but then again, expect the unexpected,” Tampin said. Sounds like it’s going to be action-packed. Thor would approve.

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