Target Is Selling Fidget Spinners With High Levels Of Lead

Fidget spinners are still all the rage among the young crowd. With the holidays coming around parents are bound to buy a few fidget spinners for their kids. But reports are showing that some fidget spinners being sold at Target have high levels of lead.

According to CBS, the US Public Interest Research Group found that certain fidget spinners have an extremely high lead count, way more than the allotted amount that is set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Brass has 300 times the amount of maximum lead allowed in children’s toys.

But here’s the catch, on the packaging for the spinner it says that the product is only for kids ages 14 and up. The CPSC’s lead maximum is set for kids toys marketed at 12 years or younger, so the spinner is technically legal despite the insane amount of lead within it.

A Target spokesperson Lee Henderson said that the CPSC also views spinners as “general use products” and not “toys” so that is another loophole. Despite the loopholes, the research group sent their lead finding to Target and the company is still not pulling the spinners from their shelves. They say the product isn’t a toy and is not marketed to young kids, so it’s fine.

Even though the product isn’t considered a toy and says 14+ on the packaging it’s sold in the kid toy aisle. Also, just common sense, we know that kids play with fidget spinners all the time!

Lead poisoning is very serious and children are more susceptible to it because their growing bodies absorb it easier. Be careful when holiday shopping this season, especially when purchasing fidget spinners.

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