5 Lyrics From Khalid’s ‘American Teen’ That Are Perfect For An Instagram Caption

Khalid has gone from a nameless American teen to a household name with a top-selling album, the aptly-titled American Teen. 2017 has absolutely been his breakout year, topping the charts with singles “Location” and “Young, Dumb & Broke” and bringing home the MTV Music Video Award for Best New Artist. He also scored a major feature on a Lorde remix and quickly gained a cult following. If anyone’s had a great year, it’s Khalid.

One of the greatest keys to his fame has been his lyricism. Khalid has a knack for relatability and he writes in a way that’s clever without feeling too complex or overthought. His lyrics are straightforward, emotional and bring to mind everyone’s teenage years, no matter how old listeners may be. His lyrics are perfect for singing in the car or for quoting with a quick caption.

Khalid maintains an air of mysteriously artistic and aesthetically pleasing bravado, which makes for a pretty stellar Instagram caption. If you’re looking to capture that essence on your own photos and watch the likes roll on in, it might just turn out to be your breakout year as well.

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