This 3-Year-Old’s Favorite Toy Is So Random & Hilarious


Heidi Heilig’s 3-year-old son Riot’s (the best nickname ever) best friend is a leaf blower. Yep, a leaf blower.

Heidi told BuzzFeed that her son treats his leaf blower like an actual toy doll or teddy bear. He even tucks it in at night. Its bed is the couch.


“The adoration actually started with fans of all sorts — ceiling fans, table fans, box fans. And a leaf blower is just a really strong fan with a tube attached,” she told Buzzfeed. Heidi thinks Riot’s fascination with electrical appliances is because his dad is a solar installer and is always bringing new tools home.


Heidi said that Riot has other “normal” children toys, but he prefers his leaf blower and appliances over them. He isn’t the first kid to love random objects instead of regular children toys. Remember the kid who went on Ellen who collected vacuums? Riot isn’t alone in his love of appliances.

“Kids are funny and you have no power over who or what they love,” Heidi said. “You just have to support it however you can.”

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