China Bans Katy Perry From Performing At The 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

This year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show seems to be falling apart at the last moment. This year’s show is in Shanghai and many people involved in the show are being denied visas.

Katy Perry who was booked to perform at this year’s fashion show has been denied a Chinese visa. According to Page Six, the reason is that when she was performing in Taipei, Taiwan in 2015 she wore a glittery dress with huge sunflowers on it. A year before her performance the sunflower was adopted as an anti-Chinese symbol.

Page Six

When the government caught wind of her sunflower dress they reverted their original decision and denied Katy visa access.

China is reportedly looking through every cast and crew members’ social media carefully. Gigi Hadid is not walking in this year’s VS Fashion Show because of her visa being denied. Some people think her visa denial is because of a video of her making her eyes small to mimic a Buddha cookie.

The video shows Gigi perpetuating racist stereotypes of Chinese people and has caused a ton of backlash. There was even a campaign to stop her from being booked for the show. Her racist gesture is why people think she was denied a visa for the show.

There are allegedly four other models who have denied visas too. Participants in the show aren’t the only ones being denied access. Supposedly bloggers, influencers and reporters who usually cover the annual event are not allowed to attend as well.

Rumor has it that Harry Styles will be one of the performers, so not all hope is lost.

The show must go one, but it’s doubtful that the VS Fashion Show will be returning to China anytime soon.

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