7 Ways To Change Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Into A Totally New Dish









Thanksgiving is all about the food and stuffing your face until you can’t move from the dinner table. Even though you feel like you will never be hungry again, byt the time the day after Thanksgiving rolls around you will be eyeing those Thanksgiving leftovers.

But just heating up leftovers as is can get boring quickly! Here are seven easy and delicious Thanksgiving leftover recipes that will transform your leftovers into a brand new dish.

1. Grilled Turkey Sandwich With Brie Cheese

Simple and delicious. Convert your leftover turkey into a delicious sandwich with brie cheese, apple butter and arugula. This lunch will leave you feeling full and is super quick to make.

2. Thanksgiving Leftover Casserole

If you don’t know what to do with all your leftovers then this is the recipe for you. Just dump your turkey, mashed potatoes and any other Thanksgiving day leftover veggies into a casserole dish and voila a whole new meal.

3. Sweet Potato Spoon Bread 

If you have copious amounts of sweet potatoes leftover then you need to make this dish. In a little less than an hour, your sweet potato side dish will be turned into a decadent dessert, what more could you want?

4. Thanksgiving Nachos

Uh, do we need to elaborate? Cover your favorite potato chips in cheese and all your turkey day leftovers and boom, a beautiful cheesy snack has been created.

5. Cranberry Pancakes

Don’t let your cranberry sauce go to waste. Put the berries in your favorite pancake mix and then drizzle your cooked pancakes with cranberry sauce. Sweet and delicious.

6. Crispy Mashed Potatoes And Stuffing Hashbrowns

Combine and fry up your leftover mashed potatoes and stuffing for the ultimate post-Thanksgiving breakfast. Bonus you can add your leftover turkey to the mix as well!

7. Thanksgiving Stuffed Peppers

The recipe says to only include leftover turkey and stuffing, but you can definitely squeeze some other side dishes like green beans and potatoes into your peppers.

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