People Are Sharing Photos Of The ‘Weird Stuff’ They Found At Their Parents’ Houses & I Can’t Stop Scrolling

Reuniting with family for the holidays can serve as a nostalgic, comforting memory of a simpler time — but it can also be a jarring reminder of just how eccentric families can be.

Twitter user @jenndangerous started a relatable and LOL-worthy thread this week by prompting her followers to share pictures of “weird stuff” in their parents’ houses while home for the holidays. “I want to see the seashells in the bathrooms people,” she instructed.

Of course, Twitter delivered. The pictures that followed almost elude words; altogether too many parents have outright petrifying holiday decorations, collections of eerily grinning dolls staring out from glass cupboards, literal suits of armor, and clowns. So many clowns.

Jenn’s tweet was swiftly picked up as a Twitter Moment. It seems, regardless of the respite or aggravation associated with coming home for the holidays, everyone can relate to the unflinchingly bizarre decor choices made by generations past.

Some submissions are quirky, if peculiar, like lobster soap, or large wooden nutcrackers.

Others are downright haunting, and seem more at home in abandoned Victorian mansions or 2018’s next mediocre thriller movie.

Children will inevitably be fighting over who gets this Elvis bust in the will.

Take a moment and give thanks for the lack of porcelain dolls gathering dust above your mantel, watching you with blank, glassy black eyes.

Happy holidays.

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