Bake A Cake & Celebrate With These National Cake Day Memes

Cakes. Personally, I think cake is one of the most popular desserts that has ever existed. Other than chocolate. Obviously. This dessert will be found at almost everyone’s birthday party, bridal party, wedding ceremonies, retirement parties and just about any social event that you can think of, honestly.

Baking a cake from scratch is the best way to bond with your family and loved ones. Plus, it is simple to bake a cake, even if you are not the best baker. All you need is flour, butter, oil, sugar, eggs and milk. Mix everything in a huge bowl and pour it into a baking pan. If you want to get creative, are feeling daring, or you are a professional baker then you can make a layered cake with different flavors. And you can fill in the cake with chocolate fudge or strawberry jam.

From the spongey, delicate, buttery, cake itself to the frosting and the toppings, there are so many different combinations of flavors that one can create. Whether it’s homemade, from a box in a grocery store, or picked up from your local bakery, cakes have endless combinations.

So, on National Cake Day, go bake a cake or buy one. Either way, you need to go stuff your face with cake because if you don’t, you will have to wait for your birthday! And I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait that long.

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