The Internet Is Torn Over These Hurricane Irma-Themed Cakes



Hurricane Irma is projected to hit Florida this weekend, and it is on-track to be the strongest hurricane the Keys, and the state, has ever faced. With most coastal areas urged to evacuate and those who cannot seeking shelter, there is little to find funny about the potentially deadly storm.

That isn’t to say some Floridians aren’t trying.

Some locations of the grocery store chain Publix have been selling Hurricane Irma-themed cakes, featuring colorful swirling icing, messages like “Go Away Irma,” and “Weather it Out,” and honestly impressive artwork. Consumers are split over the move, with some praising Publix for reminding people to laugh in trying situations, and others calling them out for being, well, a bit  insensitive.

Many consumers and Florida residents are delighting in the cakes.

Others cannot help but point out that the storm is far from a joke, and will more likely than not lead to catastrophic damages.

All we can say is, we hope this is the last time the state needs to make them in many, many years.

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