If Miguel Isn’t On Your Sex Playlist, You Are Not Truly Satisfied

This is a judgment-free zone. Seriously. Just admit it. You have a sex playlist. Who doesn’t? Everyone at least has a few songs in mind that they think would be perfect for that time of night (or day. I don’t know your life!).

Well, here’s a very hot take about an extremely hot guy: no sex playlist on this planet is complete without at least one Miguel song. Miguel’s music basically oozes sexiness, each verse putting so many people’s hottest fantasies out into existence and singing it in a way that doesn’t sound icky.

This sex appeal makes Miguel the perfect candidate to appear at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. If this is the Super Bowl of underwear, Miguel is the Beyonce of singing about things people do in their underwear. If that doesn’t make sense (it doesn’t) then just listen to a few of his deep cuts and try not to reach for your “XXX” Spotify playlist.

Oh, you just stopped reading to send bae a sexy snap or take a quick thirst trap? You’re welcome to everyone involved!

Check out some of Miguel’s best songs, as well as his sexiest and most Instagram-friendly lyrics, here. Your Spotify account just got a little bit hotter.

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