Steph Shep Just Threw Shade At Her Former Boss Kim Kardashian

Kardashian fans (which is everyone, right?) mourned the end of Kim Kardashian and Stephanie Shepherd’s friendship. Kim fired her assistant of the last four years in what seems to the public to be an out of the blue decision.

There was no information about why Steph was fired, but apparently, the two are not on speaking terms.

Steph posted on her Instagram story a cryptic message that fans believe is about Kim. The post is about self-care and how it differentiates depending on situations, like sometimes self-care is doing a face mask and sometimes it’s getting rid of “a bad friend.”


What’s also interesting about this high-end notes app post is how it progresses from being general to specifically talking about someone. “It’s forgiving yourself for not meeting your impossible standards & understanding you are worth it.”

People with basic pop culture knowledge know that Kim is not a low-key person. She has a very specific image and brand that she upholds perfectly. Maybe the pressure got to Steph.

Let’s hope Kim and Steph’s drama doesn’t affect Steph’s wifey friendship with Kourtney Kardashian. The two are practically glued at the hip.

The two haven’t unfollowed each other on Instagram, so maybe there is still hope. Until we know all the details eyes will be on Steph’s IG for more cryptic passive posts.

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