Steph Shep & Larry Jackson: Must-See Photos Of The Couple

It’s not often that celebrity assistants¬†enter the public eye, but Stephanie Shepherd might be the exception to the rule.

Kim Kardashian‘s former right-hand woman, more well-known by the nickname of Steph Shep, has actually begun to rival her former boss’ fame (well, almost), garnering millions of social media followers of her own and even attracting some rumors and speculation about her personal life.

Shepherd, who hails from rural Ohio, has made headlines recently with her now-infamous split from Kardashian, but what many people are wondering is who exactly she’s dating and what her relationship status may be.

In May 2017, Shepherd opened up to Refinery29 about finding fame as a celeb assistant, her humble beginnings and, shockingly enough, her relationship with Larry Jackson.

Getty Images/People

It turns out that Shepherd is indeed taken. She’s been in a long-term relationship with Apple Music’s CEO of Content for over a year and the pair actually lives together in Los Angeles. They met through Kanye West, though Shepherd joked that he wasn’t the first friend of Kanye’s to catch her eye.

Stephanie Shepherd exists in a precarious place between normalcy and celebrity, so she keeps her relationship mostly private. Jackson and Shepherd aren’t photographed together often and don’t post many pics of each other on social media. They are adorable together, though.

Though we don’t know what the future holds for Stephanie Shepherd professionally, it seems as though her relationship is standing on solid ground.

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