Jessica Simpson Is Getting Mommy Shamed For Letting Her Daughter Wear Makeup

Jessica Simpson’s Instagram comments are being flooded all over a cute photo of her hanging with her daughter, Max.

The photo is a cute mirror selfie of Jessica and Max at the MAC Cosmetics Store. The two are doing a duck face with fun lipstick on. The caption read, “This is NOT an #ad, MAC Cosmetics is my daughter’s favorite store!”

Mommy shamers were quick to criticize Jessica for allowing her daughter to wear makeup, play makeup and that MAC is her favorite store. Jessica’s comments have turned into a war zone. At first, the mommy shammers attacked.

The shammers are not happy that Jessica is allowing her 5-year-old daughter Max play with makeup. Saying she’s too young for makeup, but in reality, it’s no one’s business. Clearly, they’re just playing with the makeup, Max has dark purple lipstick on! It’s just a fun dress up time.

There were also comments shaming Max for having her favorite store be a high-end makeup store. Nothing is off limits when it comes to mommy shamers.

Jessica’s comments aren’t only filled with mommy shamers. There are also people sticking up for Jessica saying that there is nothing wrong with playing makeup with her daughter and that she should cherish the time with her daughter.

Basically, Jessica’s Instagram comments are a mess.

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