This Guy Accidentally Sent His Mom A Risqué Photo Of His Girlfriend

Twitter user @WhiteKidCanJump, Maison Vallance, shared what seemed to be an innocently sweet photo of his girlfriend Meghan Wiley to his mom.

In his first tweet, he said that the photo was originally for his mom. She was wondering if he still had a shirt she bought him, so he took a photo of his girlfriend holding it up. He posted it on Twitter because Meghan looked too cute not to share.

But the photo showed an intimate part of Meghan and Maison’s relationship and he didn’t realize it until he sent it to his mom.

Do you see it? So you see the ropes on the headboard? Maison later realized his mistake and informed everyone of his grave error.

But thankfully in the text message, the ropes are cut out of the photo preview. Because his mom didn’t ask or point out the ropes he thinks she didn’t’ expand the photo, so he’s in the clear.

The replies to Maison’s tweets quickly became NSFW and about BDSM. There are people asking him BDSM questions, where he purchased the ropes and what sort fo knots he uses.

A few people didn’t get why the ropes were there or why it’s a big deal.

While some people just plain old reacted to Maison’s awkward situation.

Even though Maison’s mom didn’t notice the ropes originally he told her about them. He went viral his mom was going to find out eventually! The family group message conversation afterward is hilarious.

This kid is fearless.

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