#WhenImNotDating Is Trending On Twitter To Remind Us That Cuffing Season Is Overrated

It is the height of cuffing season, a time when many of us feel tempted to succumb to the allure of shiny new relationships — regardless of how much we might want one at any other time of year — hoping against the odds for compatibility in Netflix preferences and thermostat temperatures.

It can be difficult to remember the pluses of staying single for the holidays when all of your friends are coupled. For that reason, the hashtag #WhenImNotDating has been trending on Twitter for the past few days, reminding us all that being single does come with more than a few perks.

“Sharing,” “sacrifice,” and “compromise” are words you can all but scrub from your vocabulary when you don’t have someone to bicker over Chinese takeout vs. the new Indian place down the street. Many on Twitter are also lauding the added benefits of putting down the razor, dismissing exes TLC style, and being Miss Independent (the Kelly Clarkson version, since Ne-Yo’s is ultimately about dating).

Some are using the hashtag to highlight the positive aspects of being single.

#WhenImNotDating I don't have to share food. pic.twitter.com/D3KwJKEF5J

— ▪️pH1▪️ (@pH1Online) December 1, 2017

#WhenImNotDating my weekends are booked. pic.twitter.com/hVe60ydJ2t

— Kitty🐱 (@kittykrumley) December 1, 2017

#WhenImNotDating I don't bother with hair removal pic.twitter.com/b86g5rR0da

— Tee (@liltr2) December 1, 2017


#WhenImNotDating my self esteem remains intact.

— Paul Silverman (@aPaulled) December 1, 2017

Others took the hashtag in another, more creative direction.

#WhenImNotDating your mom, I'm dating your sister pic.twitter.com/fvUJXLFKzI

— 🌊👑Governor Stevie SlowJams👑🌊 (@ANGRYref) December 1, 2017

#WhenImNotDating The hunt goes on… pic.twitter.com/z9qn9UprAN

— ŁȺᵾǤĦƗNǤ 💀 SꝀᵾŁŁ (@laughingskull59) December 1, 2017

#WhenImNotDating I create a cunning surrogate. pic.twitter.com/UQKcgStMxJ

— Bob (@xsstringer) December 1, 2017

Others still lived by it.

#WhenImNotDating What’s dating? pic.twitter.com/fVMH0qlZmw

— Kerry Christmas (@KeshaTedder) December 1, 2017

Taylor Swift is an admittedly poor example of singledom, but this gif applies nonetheless.

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