This Twitter Joke About Taylor Swift Turned Into A Roundup Of Amazing Women

While Taylor Swift is by no means an unproblematic figure to stan, I wasn’t exactly here for the snide new meme mocking her that seemed prime for pitting powerful women against one another. At least, I wasn’t until I read some of the responses.

Twitter user Nutella tweeted: “Name a b-tch badder than Taylor Swift” last month, and people of course began quote-tweeting her words with “bad” figures including Dora the Explorer, Lisa Frank, and other sugary-sweet examples. While it would be easy to pull together a post just based on these jokes, something far more interesting happened afterwards.

People began tweeting out examples of powerful and influential women throughout history who they felt fit the “bad b-tch” label, women from civil rights leaders to activists to imprisoned war heroes to pirates to fierce grandmothers. The thread quickly turned from a tongue-in-cheek dragging of Swift to an all-out celebration of brave and empowering women.

Of course the original user meant her tweet as a rhetorical question, not as a challenge — but the fact that it has caused so many people to examine notable women in history and to applaud their actions shows the best of the internet.

Go here to scroll through the submissions.

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