What Exactly Are ‘Locals’?

Looking through your Facebook feed is like entering the wilderness. It’s a sea of engagements, new babies and creepy right-leaning political rants. What do we call the sources of these things? Well, generally they’re people you went to high school with, the people from your hometown or the surrounding area and they’re just kinda there. Not necessarily friends, but not “enemies” either.

Well, Twitter has finally come up with a name for those people and it’s extremely fitting: locals.

Social media users may have noticed the term appearing on their Twitter timelines. It’s kinda tough to place at first, but its definition is one that hits you in the face once you get it.

Locals are the people you went to high school with who generally never left their area of origin. They tend to remain stuck in the past, meaning that they’re not super up with pop culture and tend to prefer to keep things very basic. They’re usually the ones getting married/engaged/pregnant, making strangely vague Facebook posts and talking about songs or artists that you’ve known about for a year. They’re putting photos of themselves kissing their significant others on Instagram, using Pinterest religiously and think Tinder is for “sluts.”

After reading a few of these tweets, you may have a better grasp of what exactly a local is. Here it is in a few sentences.









Now you know what’s been plaguing your Facebook: locals.

If you’re tired of seeing them, it just might be time to delete that social media app from your phone.

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