Police Are Investigating The Video Of A Teen Abusing A Kitten


A troubling video has been circulating Twitter of a teenage boy abusing a kitten. He picks up the kitten and throws it many feet away into the street. The account that posted the video on Twitter has been suspended, but it looks like the original video was taken on Snapchat.

🚨TRIGGER WARNING🚨 if you’re scrolling through your timeline and you see this come up DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO if you are sensitive to animal abuse. I watched it not knowing what it was and I’m still shaking. Pass this on so people can be aware pic.twitter.com/ZgtvVj0zdD

— alexander (@alecintrepid) December 2, 2017

The video caused so much backlash that the police have gotten involved and the should because the video is abusive. The Ontario, California police have identified the 16-year-old in the video but they have yet to locate and arrest him. The police have been going door to door in the neighborhood that the video was taken because people say the boy lives in the neighborhood.

But fortunately, the cat is okay. The Ontario police tweeted that the cat, Spots, was found with its owner, Perla, and is okay. The cat suffered a leg fracture and some internal damages from the incident.

In the video, the cat hit the pavement of the street and left viewers believing it had died. We are happy to report that Spots is alive.


Spots is recovering in an Inland Empire animal hospital, according to NBC4.

We are investigating the animal cruelty to a cat video. We have located the cat & owner. The cat has leg fracture but is going to be ok.

— Ontario Police Dept. (@OntarioPD) December 2, 2017

Spots was a stray that Perla adopted four months ago. She refuses to watch the video. “I just want him to know he hurt a victim that can’t defend itself,” she told NBC4.

According to BuzzFeed, no arrests have yet to be made.

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