The World’s Largest Starbucks Is Every Coffee Lover’s Dream

On December 4, 2017, Starbucks made every single caffeine lover’s dream come true and revealed the grand opening of their Shanghai location.

This Starbucks is 30,000 square feet and 88 feet long. That’s big enough to fit Kim Kardashian West’s current home inside it… twice. Talk about a huge place to have your coffee every morning.


That’s not the only thing that’s special about this Starbucks. It will be a Reserve Roastery.

It’s not just a place that serves coffee, but this Starbucks will also give you a “multi-sensory” experience. It’s more than a cafe. Call it a mega store. You can taste different coffees and even point your phone at different objects to learn more about them. Shanghai will be the second Reserve Roastery in the world. The first one is in Seattle, Washington.

Fortune reports that the city of Shanghai already has 600 Starbucks locations and counting. That’s a lot of coffee. Starbucks mentioned in their press release that they want their brand to be seen as more than just another cafe or a place that you visit at the mall to get your second wind for shopping, so they’re adding a Princi, Italian artisan bakery. Fancy, right?

Stop drooling at the mere mention of baked goods and check out these gorgeous photos.

Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan

This one proves that bigger is better when it comes to coffee cups and Starbucks stores. We’re in love.

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