This Twitter User Discovered The Perfect Hack To Keep Your Takeout Warm


One of the worst things about the winter time is that your food takeout can get cold in one short walk or drive. It’s truly a travesty and a nationwide, no, global issue that needs a solution. Twitter user @canceric, Eric Cancino has found a solution.

Eric brilliantly placed his bag of McDonald’s in the front seat and turned the seat warmer on. Therefore the heated seat would keep his fast food nice and toasty.

He told BuzzFeed that the hack isn’t that innovative, but Twitter disagrees. People are praising his genius hack and are trying it out themselves.

His tweet got so popular that he tweeted at McDonald’s asking for money for the free promo.

McDonald’s hasn’t responded to Eric yet, but Wendy’s has. Wendy’s Twitter game is quick and they didn’t hold back when they realized Eric was eating at their competitor’s restaurant.

Wendy’s can’t deny that Eric’s hack is ingenious. Hot nuggets for all!

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