People Are Tweeting Photos Of The Los Angeles Skirball Fire & The Pics Are Unreal

Skirball Fire


Right now Los Angeles, California is enduring a crazy wildfire. The fire has already engulfed part of the 405 highway, a prominent highway in SoCal. A fire started in Ventura, Thomas Fire, and another one near Bel Air, which is being called the Skirball Fire.

Museums have closed and celebrities are fleeing their mansions. According to The New York Times, the Ventura fire has already burned through 65,000 acres. While the Skirball Fire is much smaller it threatens a ton of structures including the Getty Museum.

The residents of Los Angeles are tweeting out crazy photos and videos of what I imagine hell looks like. Huge walls of orange fire surrounded by mountains and palm trees. One Twitter user, @WLV_investor’s video is going viral. It shows the Ventura resident driving on the highway surrounded by burning mountains.

The images and videos from the fire look unreal.

People are saying that LA looks like the inside of a volcano. Rain is not expected to hit the city soon and thousands are being told to evacuate. Except for UCLA, the university told students that class is optional and is up to the students’ professors.

Scary stuff. If you or anyone you know is in LA there are evacuation centers set up.

Stay safe LA!

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