Twitter Can Not Stop Laughing At This Man’s Dented Forehead

Sunscreen should be in everyone’s daily routine especially when heading to sunny locations. But we are humans and we forget stuff! It’s normal, no one is perfect. Be prepared for the consequences though because the sun is ruthless.

Cade Huckabay got a nasty sunburn on the top of his head. In his tweet, he explained that he just shaved his head and forgot that the top of the head also needs sunscreen.

His sunburn was so bad that the top of his head swelled up that if you poked it, it would leave a dent.

When he was at basic military training he shaved his head and it obviously didn’t turn out great. The photo of the dent looks photoshopped! It looks so unnatural that people can’t even believe it’s real. Or the fact that the dent would stay for 30 minutes!

Twitter started making comparisons and dragging Cade’s dented head. He was a good sport about all the drags either replying to them or retweeting them.

People also started sharing their own sunburnt horror stories.

Please wear your sunscreen or you might end up with a dented head.

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