Hot Pockets Is Currently Trolling Someone Over A Bitmoji


Big brands have been straying away from being people pleasers on their social media sites and becoming more upfront. This is causing lots of hilarious exchanges and viral tweets. Wendy’s is the king of trolling critics on Twitter, but Hot Pockets is quickly making a name for themselves.

Twitter user @AGRIcouture tweeted a photo of her Bitmoji asking why the Hot Pockets it’s holding is so big?

Little does she know that what her Bitmoji is holding is an empanada or calzone, Twitter has yet to decide, but it’s for sure not a Hot Pockets.

She didn’t even tag Hot Pockets in her tweet. Her tweet didn’t even blow up! But Hot Pockets found it and artfully trolled her.

If you thought it couldn’t get better, just wait. @AGRIcouture responded to Hot Pockets expert trolling asking for free Hot Pockets to help console her being roasted on Twitter.

Yeah, Hot Pockets wasn’t down with that request.

Who knew Hot Pockets social media will burn you just as badly as grabbing a freshly microwaved Hot Pockets?

They expertly photoshopped a proper Hot Pockets over her Bitmoji so she knows what they look like.

Hot Pockets didn’t squash the beef or send her free stuff, but we did get a great Twitter thread.

Don’t try and come for Hot Pockets because they’re ruthless.

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