Twitter Is Feuding Over Whether Matilda Or Eleven Would Win In A Battle

When Stranger Things first aired fans rallied around Eleven, the unlikely heroine with surprising powers and an affinity for frozen waffles who makes for an easy last-minute Halloween costume.

Now, people are looking back to the ’90s to compare her to another gifted telekinetic child — the bookish, effervescent Matilda.

Twitter user djrocklee sparked an all-out war of the fandoms late last week when he pitted the two characters against each other, asking Twitter who would win in a fight.

Many are staunchly on team Matilda, pointing out that she does not suffer from negative side effects (read: nosebleeds) when using her powers and that she has a mastery of her gifts that Eleven has not yet reached.

Others are furious at the notion Eleven might lose, contrasting Matilda’s wholesome use of her powers with Eleven’s fighting experience against actual demons.

The best responses, though, were from those that knew Matilda and Eleven would never fight in the first place.

Mara Wilson, the actress who played Matilda, planted herself squarely in the no-fighting camp, arguing instead that the two talented young girls would become fast friends.

*takes deep, exaggerated breath* While if actually forced to fight against one another, Matilda would win — because despite the fact that she does not have as much hands-on fighting experience, her precise control over her powers would allow her to end a fight without escalating violence and with the tiniest of movements — Wilson is right to say that they would not fight. Eleven and Matilda would read books together and bond in the shared knowledge that they are both clever, unusual, often misunderstood and mistreated girls who have the power to change the world for the better.

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