The Best Advice Jennifer Lawrence Ever Received Was Something Oprah Said Under Her Breath

It’s permissible to ignore the life advice an intoxicated friend is spewing at you whilst throwing back raspberry Jell-o shots. Even a loved one’s sage words can be taken with a grain of salt; after all, though they want what is best for you, you may not always agree on what that is.

If Oprah gives you advice, however,  you must heed it.

In a new interview for The Hollywood Reporter, the talk show matriarch asked Jennifer Lawrence a number of questions – and one of them was about the best advice the young goat milkmaid hopeful has ever received.

“It was probably by you,” J-Law responded. “You just said it under your breath. You were talking, and then under your breath you said, ‘You have to teach somebody how to treat you.’ That’s the smartest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“That was a fun lunch,” Oprah answered, sending me into a spiral of hopelessness at the probable and devastating truth that she and I will never share the same intimate and life-transforming lunch experience, despite the irrefutable fact that I need Oprah’s advice much more than Lawrence does.

Though J-Law recognized Oprah’s advice for the Grandma Willow-level wisdom that it was, her favorite quote is one that she wrote herself: “I definitely shouldn’t have done it, but I am at peace with knowing that I couldn’t not.”

“That started over me sending dub smashes… to Robert De Niro, who was fully not getting it,” she laughed. “And the more he wasn’t getting it, the funnier I thought it was, and I kept leaning into it. I shouldn’t have done it, but I’m at peace with knowing that I couldn’t not.”

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