These Tree Toppers Of Powerful Women Will Get You In The Feminist Spirit

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and who better to serve as a hopeful reminder of the resilience and power of women this year than Queen B, Hillary Clinton, or Serena Williams?

A UK-based not-for-profit organization, Women To Look Up To, is selling 3D sculpted Christmas tree toppers in the aforementioned female role models’ likeness online — and they’re nothing short of magical.

The website features a radiant Beyoncé topper donning heels, a white leotard, and a microphone. The former First Lady is wearing her signature white pantsuit, looking more serene than she’s likely felt all year, and the Serena Williams topper is playing tennis, because of course she is.

All three of the women have enormous white angel wings stretching out behind them, serving as a nod to the traditional angel Christmas topper and to the incredible role models these women have been in the past year.

The toppers aren’t cheap, priced at around $107, Refinery29 reports, but the website promises that each version is “unique but perfectly formed.”

The brand describes its as mission as shining “a light on modern female role models, be they world famous or working behind the scenes to further women’s position within society.”

You, every time you walk by your Christmas tree:

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