This Guy Looks Like Zac Efron’s Long Lost Identical Twin

Celebrity doppelgangers are everywhere, but it’s rare that a doppelganger looks like an identical twin. Zac Efron’s identical twin was discovered recently and it’s like Christmas came early. Juan Ponce looks like Zac’s identical Argentinian twin.

Seriously it’s like if Zac was cloned. Juan’s photo has been circulating Twitter with people freaking out that these photos are actually not of Zac.

He looks so much like Zac that people think he photoshops Zac’s face on top of his actual face.

But the verdict is still out if Juan looks like Zac’s clone or he is shady and has been photoshopping Zac’s face on his.

You can follow Juan and decide for yourself. Juan’s Instagram is private, but with over 20,000 followers I think it’s safe to assume he’ll accept your follow request.

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