Countless Celebrities Are Tweeting Their Support To This Bullied Student

Keaton Jones has experienced intense bullying at school. In a heartbreaking video that his mom, Kimberly Jones recorded, Keaton explained through tears how he was being bullied and why he hates it.

Since his mom posted the video it has gone viral. Celebrities have been tweeting at him telling him that they support him and starting the hashtag #StandWithKeaton.

I Stand With Keaton Jones

Posted by Stand up stand out against bullies on Monday, December 11, 2017

Keaton said in the video that during lunch at his Knoxville, Tennesse school kids poured milk on him and put ham down his clothes. The video was taken when his mom came to pick him up early from school because he was afraid to go to lunch.

Since his video athletes and celebrities have been reaching out to Keaton. Chris Evans invited him to The Avengers premiere in Los Angeles. The support Keaton has received is immense and it’s heartwarming.

This is only a fraction of the celebrities who have tweeted at Keaton telling him that they are on his side. Being bullied is tough, but there will always be people, like Justin Bieber, in your corner.

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