Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Must-See Photos Of The Couple

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been immortalized forever as Kimye for a few reasons. Obviously, West is a world-famous rapper with a roster of highly-reviewed workers, many of which revolve around his relationship. Kardashian is the most famous woman in the world, the star of her own reality show and the face that launched a thousand brands, including a contour kit, a fragrance, a video game and an app solely dedicated to giving fans even more details about her life.

Beyond their reputations as cultural power players, Kim and Kanye are also really adorable. They’re so obviously in love that they can’t resist a little PDA. Hell, they basically crafted a music video completely dedicated to it. It’d be absolutely ridiculous if it weren’t so cute.

Kardashian and West are also parents to (nearly) three children. North and Saint are totally adorable, and their third baby, which will be born via surrogate, is also sure to be just as cute and stylish.

Kim and Kanye also have some pretty normal qualities. Sure, they wear couture and can’t ever find a way to shake off the paps, but Kim also revealed that Kanye embarrasses her by falling asleep anywhere and everywhere. “I just say it’s jetlag,” Kardashian told James Corden during an appearance on his show.

Basically, it seems as though, love them or hate them, we’re kinda stuck with Kimye forever. We can’t be too mad, though. We’ve been so busy keeping up that we’ve made them even more famous and they’re actually pretty charming.

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