This Uber Driver Invited One Of Her Passengers Out & Their Night Ended In Friendship

Twitter user @vickto_willy, Victoria shared a crazy story that simply started out with an Uber ride.

Victoria was just working, driving for Uber when she picked up this girl named Leah. She asked her how her day was and Leah started crying and told her how she flew from Texas to Florida to see a guy and it didn’t turn out well.

Turns out Leah spent two nights completely alone in her hotel room. So Victoria invited her out with her friends to show Leah a good time. After being stood up and left alone in a hotel room by a guy a fun night out is much needed.

Victoria and her friends offered to take care of this guy, but Leah is reverting to karma.

Leah told Victoria and her friends more about how sketchy her man has been.

But without this sketchy man, Leah and Victoria would never have met and become friends.

Classic, Leah got drunk and called the guy. His name is Aaron King and he claims to be a student-athlete at Florida State University.

The night was filled with drama, but a friendship bloomed that night.

The crazy story went viral because of how touching it was that Victoria reached out and invited Leah to hang with her and her friends.

People were also tweeting at Victoria to DM them where Leah is from because they also live in Texas and need friends. Leah drop Aaron, he’s clearly not a good dude and there are so many people out there who want to be your friend.

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