People Are Mad At How This Company Is Advertising Their Plus-Size Tights


It’s amazing at what lengths a company will go to not hire a plus-size model. is the most recent company to hire a thin woman to model plus-size clothing.

Their plus-size tights were modeled by a thing model putting the tights on, pulling them up all the way to her chest and stretching the pair out with her arms.


Why wouldn’t Wish just hire a plus-size model to show off their cheap tights? Not only did they take a job away from a plus-size model, but they also took away an opportunity to show representation and body diversity.

But turns out this campaign is way worse than originally thought. Supposedly the photos that Wish used are stolen. The photos are from Magic Tights and the models are stretching the tights so much to show how the tights don’t rip, which is why they’re magical.

So now not only did Wish take away an opportunity to hire a plus-size model, but they also stole the photos. This campaign is so bad.

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