Fans Are Not Happy About Kylie Jenner’s Expensive Makeup Brush Set

Kylie Jenner promised fans that Kylie Cosmetics was dropping three new products this December. The first drop was 20 shades of new lipsticks, the second was 30 shades of new concealers and the third and most criticised drop was a makeup brush set. The three drops are part of her Silver Series.

The 16-piece brush set will cost any Kylie Cosmetics fan $360. You can buy each brush individually. The brushes individual prices range from $16 to $48.

Typically Kylie’s products are on the cheaper side, so the brush set price gave fans sticker shock. Not just Kylie Cosmetics fans are outraged, but beauty fans, in general, are upset over the pricing.

The backlash has been so intense that Kylie tweeted why her brushes are so expensive. She said the brushes are real hair and not synthetic, which is why they’re so expensive. She wanted her first brush set to be luxurious and high quality.

But still, some people are not buying Kylie’s reasoning or prices.

Kylie said that she hears all of her fans, so maybe that means she will work on a synthetic brush line.

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