Daisy Ridley & The ‘Star Wars’ Cast Revealed Their Easy On-Set Workouts









Shooting an action movie is intense, but if it’s a Star Wars movie then the pressure is on to be perfect. Daisy Ridley, who plays Rei, wasn’t taking any chances with her workouts. The trainers and nutrition experts Chris Vincent and Jack Graves from Altus Health are the ones responsible for getting Daisy in Star Wars shape and keeping her there.


Chris and Jack shared with Healthista the 25-minute workout Daisy and the rest of the Star Wars cast squeezed in between scenes.

Endurance, stamina and a well-balanced diet are the main factors in Daisy’s training. Daisy diet consists of low-carb and low-sugar intake, intermittent fasting and always burning 500 more calories than you consumed at the end of the week.

Seems like a lot and we haven’t even gotten to the workout itself! Getting into Jedi shape isn’t easy. The 25-minute Star Wars workout starts with a warm-up focused on stretching and activating the muscles. The only equipment you need for the workout itself are two hand weights and a resistance band.


Now your fit enough to defeat the dark side!

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