Twitter Can’t Figure Out If Omarosa Resigned Or Got Fired From The White House

Surprise, surprise there is drama in the White House after the Democrats had a historic win in Alabama last night. Omarosa┬áManigault Newman was a contestant on President Trump’s show The Apprentice and was fired. Now history has repeated itself because she was fired from her White House aide position.

Omarosa was one of Trump’s few African-American supporters and staff members. She was an aide, but more specifically the Assistant to the President and Director of OPL Communications. There is mixed reporting if Omarosa was actually fired or resigned. The White House says she resigned, but other reports said she was fired by General Kelly.

It’s not shocking for American people to believe Omarosa was fired and didn’t resign. Trump has fired countless other members of his staff at a whim before.

People think her firing is directly related to Roy Moore’s loss in Alabama. It’s also hilarious because black women are the reason Roy Moore lost.

If you like or don’t like Omarosa her exit further destabilizes the White House.

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