This 16-Year-Old’s Reaction To Getting Accepted Into Harvard Is Priceless

Applying and getting accepted into college is not easily done. Even with the perfect transcript, writing essays, filling out forms and then paying to apply is a mentally and financially stressful.

When Ayrton Little, 16, found out he got early acceptance into Harvard class 2022 he celebrated. With a whole roomful of classmates behind him, Ayrton checked his acceptance status. The room erupted in cheers as everyone mobbed Ayrton to congratulate him.

At the end of the clip, he and classmates start chanting “three-peat.” According to the Daily Mail, the private school Ayrton currently attends, TM Landry College Prep in Opelousas, Louisiana, has sent a graduate to an Ivy League college three years in a row. Ayrton, obviously, being the third.

His video on Twitter went viral. The congratulations rolled in and so did the professional connections. Even Ryan Wyatt, the head of gaming at YouTube, offered him a job opportunity at Google.

Ayrton posted a video of his brother Alex Little getting accepted into an Ivy League too. He’s going to Stanford class of 2022.

This family is smart and driven, a lethal combination.

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This Twitter User Is Sharing All Of Her Financial Tips & Tricks
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