Cardi B Threw Her Fiancé Offset A Lavish Birthday Party

Anyone who loves Cardi B and Offset knows that their relationship is far from low key. Even Offset’s proposal was public and extravagant. The two got engaged while on stage and the ring is ginormous. They go all out, all the time. So it was no different when Cardi B threw him a 26th birthday party.

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S E T G A L A W A Y 🎥: @oggizery_june

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The party’s theme was the Set Gala a spinoff of the Met Gala and Offset’s name. The Set Gala took place at The MacArthur in downtown Atlanta.

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I tried to start planning this party back in July 😩 Let’s just say November rolls around and I’m like freaking out 😳omg we only have one month like reallly! Calls @karleenroy i give her vision 1 based on my group convos with @itsmeekmeek @ma_rah Then came along vision 2 #SETGala 🧐 I felt so much pressure 😩 only thing @offsetyrn kept telling me about his party was Icey. I’m like WTF that’s it 🤦🏻‍♀️😩😂 Picks up the phone! Meek! Rayna! Karleen! We revised the save the date 50x, missed the deadline 4x for the save the date. Rayna and I had to explain to Karleen i feel like at least 200x what drip was 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ oh yea and i wanted this big ass Bentley Truck ice sculpture that weighed 8 Tons 😳 (heavier then a elephant) 😂😂😩 the venue max weight was only 2 tons so we had to go with plan B. I think i told Karleen 357 times i need this live painter find one make it happen 😩🤦🏻‍♀️ also reiterating another 600x this party has to be Icey! Also coming to find out that it wasn’t just Karleen but hardly no one knew what Drip 💧 meant BC i promise my phone rang all day yesterday with ppl asking how should they come dressed. 😩😂😑 Come in Your Drip People! 🙄 300 invited guest we planned for but 700 + showed up! The In & Out Food truck after the party was a hit. But the bigger hit was @iamcardib birthday surprise! #SETGala was 🔥 Happy Birthday Boiii @offsetyrn thank you for trusting me to make your night a special and memorable one! Team Work Makes the Dream Work @itsmeekmeek @ma_rah @karleenroy @simply_ambermarie special thank you to @roodnewyork @iam_kingpee for coming thru in a clutch

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The party was lavish and just as star-studded as the actual Met Gala. The other two members of Migos, Quavo and Takeoff were both there as well as G-Eazy, Big Sean, 21 Savage and Little Yachty.

And Offset made it out this year. His birthday gifts would make anyone envious. Just from his future wifey Cardi, he got a Rolls-Royce Wraith.

The Wraith looks custom made with a white and red exterior and interior. Of course, there’s a starlit ceiling.

The party looked insane, click through the gallery to see more pictures of Offset’s lavish birthday party.

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