AIM Is Officially Dead & People Are Sharing Their wOrSt ScReEnNaMeS

AOL finally shut down its instant messaging service yesterday (December 15), and though it is gone, the late-night chats (so no one would need to use the phone at the same time), hot-pink Green Day lyrics carefully chosen because Anna said it’s Josh’s favorite song, and angsty away messages will live on forever.

While most of us have not used the messaging service for many years, the announcement that it was coming to a close was met with widespread horror. ’90s kids began to reminisce on the early days of the Internet in tandem, remembering their shared parental outrage (ugh pArEnTs r ThE WORST), lengthy conversations with bots, setting your status to “away” to make Josh think you were busy, and embarrassing screen names.

Everyone seemed to have the same cathartic idea to spill their first — or at least, most shame-worthy — screen name. People confessed to names inspired by Danity Kane, beanie babies, and their pets.

Goodbye AIM.

xoxo, starr*author30



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