The Dream Of The ’90s Is Alive In This Polly Pocket Purse

The bass is pulsating across the dance floor, thrumming in your chest. The multicolored lights are too bright, moving too fast. As your friends go to get another round, urging you to “give it a chance!” you think longingly of the 30 Rock episode you were mid-way through watching while you reapplied mascara in your apartment, you imagine a warm slice of Hawaiian pizza.

Then you remember — at least you brought your Polly Pocket purse, so you can play a discreet game in the dank corner of the club, brushing off any guy who might try to talk to you with a hard stare and a: “Can’t you see I’m busy?” eyebrow raise.

The Polly Pocket purse I speak of is not just a purse shaped like the Polly Pocket toy — it actually includes a handbag-sized home and dolls! Truffle Shuffle, a nostalgic clothing company, is releasing a crossbody heart-shaped purse that is both adorable and hilarious.

If you are torn between laughing out loud and ordering one online, you are not alone.

The bags are only available for preorder online. For only $49 (shipping around June 23) this legitimate treasure can be yours forever.

Buy it here.

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