MoonPie’s Clapback Game On Twitter Is A Gift To All Of Us

You know what the internet loves more than memes? When companies drag complaining customers on Twitter. There are go-to Twitter accounts like Wendy’s and Denny’s, but MoonPie has been making a name for themselves.

The graham cracker-marshmallow cookies company is showing no mercy on Twitter. Not only are their tweets hilarious and a tad bit insane.

But they also dabble is clap backs. Any good Twitter roast from a famous brand is bound to become viral, it’s a tale as old as time.

It started out with an innocent, but hilarious tweet.

But a hater had to drop in MoonPie’s mentions, which is not a good idea.

From there MoonPie was pretty nice and short with Kaela, until the very end.

Seriously do not come for MoonPie on Twitter. Keep your hater attitude offline unless you’re prepared to get owned by the sweet treat like Kaela.

Even if you’ve never tried a MoonPie you won’t regret following them on Twitter.

Never change, MoonPie.

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