Twitter Thinks This Dog’s Before & After Haircut Is Hilarious

Getting a haircut is an easy way to hit refresh on your look. Watching hair transformations is so fun because it shows someone going from a totally drab, overgrown and untamed head of hair to a sleek new fresh cut. A good haircut can change your appearance entirely.

Weirdly that haircut philosophy also applies to dogs. Your dog goes to the groomer and will come back looking like a brand new pup. Comedian Morgan Murphy experienced this first hand when her dog came back from the groomers looking like he went through the 12 step process and is now sober.

Who’s dog is that? He looks like a completely different dog.

Murphy’s dog’s crazy haircut inspired other Twitter users to share their own dog’s unbelievable haircut. Why do dogs look so different after a trip to the groomers? It’s so wild.

Sorry, but all these people brought home different dogs. These dogs’ transformation haircuts are better than some human haircut videos I’ve seen.

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